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About campaign missions rules

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1 About campaign missions rules on Sun May 30 2010, 05:07

We have a set of rules that are applied when playing a campaign:
- the full campaign is composed from sixteen patrols, starting in autumn '42 and ending in May '45;
- every player involved in a particular campaign must be registered on this forum and he will use the same name in the campaign like in the forum;
- a player will choose "recruit" crew in the first mission of the campaign and the type of uboat that are allowed;
- in order to encourage survival as the most important objective of a patrol, after two survived missions in a row the player gains one quality upgrade for the crew;
- every mission should have a minimum of two players (although at least four would be suitable) and a maximum of eight involved at its beginning;
- every mission should take no less than eighty minutes if there are at least two players still alive in the mission and no less than sixty minutes if there's a single player left alive in that particular mission;
- every player that is still alive in one mission have the right to be considered safe and to exit from its own choice from the mission with the status "Survived" if at least eighty minutes have passed from the starting moment of that particular mission (but while not being under direct attack in that particular moment);
- every player who is not alive in the game after eighty minutes due to various reasons will not be considered "Survived", but "Dead" (if he was sunk below water level), "Missing In Action" (if he lost his Internet connection, his game crashed or he must leave in that moment due to real life constraints) or "Surrendered" (if he was sunk while above the water level);
- we won't play more than two campaign missions per day;
- we use the DiD system (Dead is Dead), when a player is Dead, Surrendered or Missing In Action he will have to start the career again, with other words, if a player have at the end of one campaign mission a different status than "Survived" he will continue the campaign, but his results including the most recent mission will be reset and he will restart the campaign with a "recruit" crew;
- after eight "Survived" campaign mission statuses in a row in the same campaign number or after ten in different campaign numbers that particular player will be declared "Recalled" (this status being the highest possible);

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