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steel sharks uboat locations

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1 steel sharks uboat locations on Tue May 25 2010, 17:00



i was looking in steel shark forum today and found this its actually got there members subs tracked on GOOGLE MAPS ...
Now if that's not bloody amazing i don't know what is ......

2 Re: steel sharks uboat locations on Thu May 27 2010, 18:35


Very strange, but I think it can't be done , or maybe by a super computer genius

3 re steel sharks on Thu May 27 2010, 22:02


from what i gather SS have there own files which each member downloads and there all linked some way together and work in career mod by enigma messages as well but not 100% on that but they have real cracking set up

4 Re: steel sharks uboat locations on Sat May 14 2011, 19:40


steel sharks hi guys my names Upholder Steel sharks recruiting officer
we use the prowlers of the deep mod in our campaign puts 70 new ships & 11 new aircraft into sh3 also our campaign as been totaly rewritten in the mission editor scripted lair the original out of the box campaign is written in the random lair & it genarates random convoys so thats no good when your trying to vector in other players to your convoy in the single player campaign game the convoy has tobe identical so thats why it had tobe rewritten once you find a convoy in your patrol grid you save you game try & get the makeup of the convoy & keep sending in radio reports & updates
to our forum as you track the convoy once 4-6 players in contact with convoy the multiplayer mission is written with same weather conditions same ships same crew class same ship loadouts once we have identified convoy all you do is go into campaign editor look in groups find the convoy eg convoy HG76 then you just rewrite the mission with the no players in contact with convoy & whats there type of uboat is then all players meet on our teamspeak channel & we play the mission
we also play fun missions called stats with 30 new missions written every month
we play stats inbetween our campaign patrols because they can be 2-3 weeks of realtime before your next campaign patrol
we use the google map with uboat icons on so BDU & flottilla commanders & xo's can see in an instant where the uboats are & what convoys have been found saves time searching forums
& thats the steel sharks campaign its a sigle player campaign but with a multi-player element

regards Upholder

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