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Group introduction, rules and regulations

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1 Group introduction, rules and regulations on Mon Feb 22 2010, 00:47

We've started this group in the winter of 2009-2010 mainly because we were dissatisfied by the way things were done in other group that we've belonged to. So that means here we are playing Silent Hunter III (mainly GWX 3.0) at 100% percent realism and we are trying to be friends, in the same time. Everybody is welcomed, but the the majority of us are from Europe. We are trying to keep things as simple as possible, so here's what anyone needs to have in order to be able to play in this group:
- a Silent Hunter III (GWX 3.0 installation);
- reliable internet connection;
- a software for instant messaging, like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger or even beter - Teamspeak 3, because we have access to Teamspeak 3 server, due to the courtesy of Nibbie1, the address is, port is 5850, and the password will be given to any member interested via PM.
- a microphone (optional).

We are keeping a record of our multiplayer missions fought ("Normal", "Generated" or "Custom"), with information about the warship and merchant tonnage sunk for each officer involved, and at the end of each mission, each of the officers will have a status, one of the following:
- "Survived" (if he ended the mission without being sunk);
- "Surrendered" (If he ended the mission while being sunk at the surface);
- "Missing in action" (if he lost his internet connection, the game was crashing while playing or he left the game while being under threat due to various reasons);
- "Dead" (if his uboat was sunk while submerged).

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