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1 About Monsun Gruppe on Tue May 18 2010, 02:11

Our Online unit
Monsun Gruppe is an online unit for games that portray German U-boat actions during World War II - in particular Silent Hunter III. This page gives a general introduction to what we do.

Our objective is to provide an environment that encourages teamwork, self-improvement and camaraderie, but without becoming overly competitive. We pride ourselves on our challenging patrols and unique campaigns. We aim to provide a diverse selection of missions, thus generating an ongoing interest in the game and in the history of the U-boat war.

Unit aims
The objectives of the Monsun Gruppe are quite straight forward. In particular we want to:

* Raise standards to provide a suitable challenge and a professional environment.
* Diversify in the types of missions played and engender an interest in U-boat history.
* Provide an environment that encourages teamwork, self-improvement and camaraderie, but without becoming competitive.

Game play
When we sail, we have three guiding principles, which are followed in this order:

1. Stay alive. Do what you need to do to keep your U-boat alive. It is better to survive the mission by retreating, possibly not even firing, than to lose your U-boat and crew.
2. Keep your comrades alive. Do not jeopardize your fellow players by rash actions (surfacing, going ahead-flank, firing torpedoes with a risk of hitting others, and so on).
3. Sink the enemy. Only once you have secured your own safety and that of your comrades should you proceed with wrecking havoc on the enemy shipping.

While we do not have tight age limitations, we do expect members to have a mature mindset and a desire to get things right. We operate in a professional and disciplined manner and expect newcomers to respect that.

Monsun Gruppe Enlistment
If you wish to join in, please read the following information and instructions carefully.

General information
As an online group, our aim is team-play. Members are expected to respect this and not do anything that detracts from the enjoyment of others. While we do keep scores and statistics, they are not our raison d'être. Instead we are interested in playing challenging missions, for their own sake, and exploring all that the game has to offer. We tend to play long games, requiring patience and driven by a desire to survive, rather than achieve maximum tonnage. So if you are the sort of player who likes to engage destroyers head on, or make suicidal attacks against convoys, then this group is probably not for you. We are also not a "training unit" in that we expect players to already know how to play the game. Nor are we a passive unit; we expect participation on forums and in missions. In terms of game-play, we expect our members to already know how to do manual targeting, assign crews, identify and reload torpedoes and assess the correct depth and settings for firing them.

* Members must own a copy of the game Silent Hunter III.
* In addition, they need the official 1.4b patch and the community supermod "GWX".
* Members are expected to keep in touch with unit activities via the forums. This is our primary repository for instructions, announcements and so on.
* Members must be able to speak English. With the exception of using German for historical Kriegsmarine terms, all communication shall be in grammatically correct English.
* Conversations, both on the forums and on voice-over-IP, shall be clean and courteous at all times.
* Members are expected to communicate via a voice-over-IP system (TeamSpeak), use a mic-headset, a push-to-talk key and ensure they have good audio quality.

The Historical Monsun Gruppe
Monsun Gruppe or Monsoon Group was a force of German U-boats (submarines) that operated in the Pacific and Indian Oceans during World War II using IX type U-boats.

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