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Film review by Lieutenant Stolz

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1 Film review by Lieutenant Stolz on Sun Mar 21 2010, 14:03


Unfortunately yesterday I’ve checked up my e-mail box to early and missed to receive in time the message of the Flotillakomandant announcing a mission last night.
Instead I watched 2 films: “The Riverworld” (about post-mortem life in limbo) which I consider to be really weak ‘couse the afterlife in that film is shown 95% the same as our actual life which seems ridiculous and very disappointing. (Actually I’m waiting something more from my post-mortem experience).
The second one in “The Forth Kind” 2009 horror film about aliens Nazi-style experiments over some residents of Nome Alaska state town. It seems to be very impressive, indeed. I was really shocked by the realistic and dramatic play of the actors, who portrayed terrible pictures of human horror. The result of all that contacts and expirements was total mental and even physical distraction of all the contactors.
Personally I don’t believe in allies and all that stuff. More realistic explanation is that people claiming to be kidnapped by non-human intelligence and badly hurt by that branch of life find something in their own psyche which hurt them so much. Maybe this is early childhood experience, teen-age desperations, mature life breakdowns at work and in social life transferred by the subconsciousness into the images if aliens.
Maybe the reason is that a person itself wants to commit atrocities, but subdues him or herself, and one day manages to do this in the imagination “as an alien”.
Maybe the modern life is so cruel and perverted that people react to that style of being in the same way becoming preventive, crazy and cruelat least in his or hers imagination.
Anyway “The Forth Kind” movie attracts public attention to the worldwide fact unreasonable human phobias which is too important to be neglected.

By the way, if anyone is interested I can continue to post some film reviews messages from time to time.

2 Re: Film review by Lieutenant Stolz on Sun Mar 28 2010, 13:39


Maybe I will check them out

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